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What I can do

Spanish to English translations are the projects I’m most often requested to work on.

My strength is definitely creating a fluid final text that is extremely representative of the original, by deconstructing each phrase, paragraph, and piece and reconstructing it appropriately as a whole. I'm able to do this because I'm not only a linguist, but also a communication professional (both by university degree and experience).

As an international and business-minded person, I will take great care to make your translation well received by its audience.

My specialty areas are marketing, advertising, tourism, and business law (contracts, participation conditions and the sort).

Operating Hours

I live and work in the USA (Central Standard Time (UTC/GMT -6 hours). If you live in another time zone and have an urgent request, please bring the time issue to my attention.

Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 5PM

Contact Address

Ashley Piekarski Int'l Comm Services (Spanish & English)

Minneapolis (Metro Area)
Minnesota, USA

Phone: +1 612 442 2599
Whatsapp: +34 672 614 625

About My Freelancing Services

Ashley Piekarski Int'l Comm Services (Spanish & English) is my freelancing platform, through which I offer: Translation, Website & SEO Translation, and Content Creation services. I'm not only a translator, rather overall a bilingual Spanish & English communicator. I have been enrolled as a freelancer since 2013, and evolved my services to where they are today. My mission is to deliver excellent results to my clients, to help them achieve their goals with the project, and do so in a timely and collaborative manner.